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Fire rated flammables safety cabinet 50L

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This cabinet is designed and built in Germany to the worlds most stringent standard for flammable safety storage cabinets, EN14470. This standard requires every model to undergo rigid independent testing to ensure cabinets protect the contents from a fire for more than 90 minutes, during which time the internal temperature can not reach auto-ignition point of volatile solvents. This prevents the flammable liquids from exploding and adding fuel to the fire, which ensures maximum safety for all building occupants and emergency personnel.

This model also features a roll out drawer on 2 levels, which automatically seal shut in the case of a fire, even if they have been left open.

Key specifications:

  • 90 Minute fire rated to EN14470
  • Intumescent door seals
  • Main drawers per cabinet =  1
  • Sliding top shelf per cabinet = 1
  • Litres capacity per cabinet  = 50L
  • Dimensions WxDxH  = 500x600x800  
  • Labeling to Australian Standards
  • Ventilation connections provided

Our most cost effective fire rated flammable cabinet, now stocked in Australia for immediate delivery!

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